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Reaching a new level of teaching Krav Maga under the supervision of an outstanding head instructor

During 5 days in may 2022, we experienced an intensive and extraordinary week of Krav Maga training in the Instinct_IIC instructor course. Under the precise instructions of Master Sergeant Kfir Itzhaki, the candidates refined their technical Krav Maga skills and, most importantly, were trained and schooled in a highly efficient teaching system. The teaching algorithm is scientifically based and takes into account the psychological principles underlying the motivations and demands of the Krav Maga student as well as the interplay between students and instructors.

The candidates received a deep insight in topics such as optimizing class structures, teaching efficiency, motivational skills, as well as training safety. All the methodologies and principles were repeatedly practiced and tested.

No matter the amount of former experience of the individual candidates, we all had a very intense week which, already by the end of the course, had pushed us to a next level of teaching. The sheer amount of densely packed information we received, however, will keep us occupied and further develop for the weeks and months to come.

This challenging Instinct_IIC Instructor course is a must for Krav Maga instructors, but can also be highly recommended for physical education teachers in general. Even more so if you can take this course under the supervision of Kfir Itzhaki, head of Instinct_IIC, who is a strict and focused, but also respectful instructor. Kfir has an exceptionally positive and kind nature which is inspiring and contagious. If you get the chance to take an Instinct_IIC course or seminar, don’t miss it! Follow your instinct!

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